What's new in 2016?

Since 1996, Harvest Mission Community Church has been on a mission to transform lost people into Christ's disciples, who will then transform the world.

Our strategy has been to plant churches on or nearby college campuses in global cities to reach the next generation of students to live for Christ and His Gospel.

In keeping with our mission and vision, in 2011, we held our very first !gnite Missions Conference, where we rallied our college students together to engage in this mission of world evangelization. For the past 5 years, we have held our !gnite Missions Conference all together at the same time across our different churches around the world.

However, this year marks a new season that brings changes to how we will continue partnering together as HMCC.

Just this past year, our churches have undergone major transitions. We have planted two new churches in Jakarta and in Hong Kong, and have commissioned new leaders in our churches. We have also experienced changes in our respective local communities each church is reaching out to.

Starting in 2016, each HMCC church will hold the !gnite Missions Conference separately instead of all together on the same date. Having our respective !gnite missions conferences unique to each local church will help launch our mission efforts in a more relevant and specific way to serve our local communities.

We are committed as HMCC churches to continue investing in the student missions movement. Our !gnite mission remains the same, and we'll continue partnering together as churches for missions in the months and years to come! You'll be able to view updates on student missions projects from across HMCC on the !gnite website.

Let's pray that our students will be ignited with a passion for God so that they can take the Gospel to every nation in our generation!