Harvest Fest 2010

By Kathleen Yi

This past October, HMCC had its first Harvest Fest for the children in our church and their friends. What started out as three moms talking over some coffee about how they wanted an alternative for Halloween for their kids grew into an event greater than we had intended.

Originally, we were only going to invite the children of HMCC to someone’s house and have small activities for them. So, the three moms went on planning various activities and started penciling down some details of the event. However, after a meeting with the some of the Covenant leaders, more ideas were presented such as having all three Covenant groups coming together and also using the event as an evangelistic opportunity.

Rather than a house, the location changed to the Transformation Center and the purpose of the event morphed into an opportunity to reach out into the community, where Covenant members were encouraged to invite families with whom they have relationships. This provided an avenue for many families & married couples to invite their friends to an event that wouldn’t be too intimidating for pre-Christians, as it often is if they were invited to LIFE groups or Sunday Celebration.

On the day of the event, what was so amazing was how so many people were willing to help out with decorating and setting up the Transformation Center for Harvest Fest. From undergraduates to single adults and married couples, all were working together. Different people were in charge of the activity stations, such as pumpkin decorating, cookie decorating, and face painting. Other stations included a photo booth & apple
bobbing, which morphed into a spontaneous game created by some of the undergrad volunteers. It was truly a beautiful sight: people from different life stages using their gifts and talents to serve.

The whole process of Harvest Fest, from its conception to the actual event, was a reminder of how God simply used available hearts and how beautifully the body of Christ is when different parts work together. Harvest Fest really brought all the different life stages of our church together to create something memorable and beautiful. It was so memorable for the children that my oldest son kept talking about it for a whole week! Nothing brings more joy to a parent than seeing his/her child having fun. I can only imagine how God feels when He sees His children working together and having fun while doing it.