Detroit LIFE Group: Hot Chocolate Evangelism and Prayer

by David Lai


Looking to create a space to engage the city of Detroit with our LIFE group ministry, we began a missional initiative we’ve called Hot Chocolate Evangelism and Prayer (Hot Chop for short) during our first year in the city. On any given Hot Chop night, we went out in small groups into various parts of the city and used hot chocolate as a way to engage in conversation with folks we met on the street. From groups of friends having a night on the town to folks who lived on the streets, Hot Chop challenged our ministry to go out of our comfort zones and be bold in engaging folks we didn’t know in conversation. What we found many times was that hot chocolate served many times merely as a conversation starter and many folks opened up about their lives soon after we offered them a hot drink. We always tried to end our conversations by offering prayer, of which many people took us up on that offer!

Hot Chop has been a great way to get a stronger on-the-ground feel for the city and been a great discipleship opportunity for our members. We’ve seen one sister come out to our LIFE group ministry through a Hot Chop night and have continued to hold Hot Chop nights through the winter months during our 2nd year in the city. We look forward to continuing to use Hot Chop to engage our city moving onwards!