China Missions Project 2014


by Agnes Yu
China mission was a full month of reaping fruits that we do not sow. I learned that it is truly God who qualifies the ones He calls, and He orchestrates everything by uniting different people together to work for His glory.

When we were in Luoning, China, we ran a two-week summer program at a government-run welfare institute, partnering with a Christian organization to serve around 80 children from impoverished families. In the beginning our team was a little discouraged when we were told that we cannot explicitly preach the Gospel to minors in China. However, after realizing that most of the welfare institute’s teachers – who have recently graduated from college like us – are actually obeying God’s calling on their life to serve at the welfare institute, our team connected with them on a deeper level. We have witnessed how God opened the door for one of the teachers to share her own testimony to the children, people took step of faith to get baptized, disadvantaged children received healing through programs like “Love in Action” and “Family Anew,” etc. God is in control of all things and He will make something beautiful out of the ones who seek first for His Kingdom.


God also gathers the nations together, scatters them all over the world, and brings the Gospel message with them to transform lost lives. Although HMCC Singapore is small, it is a diverse church. Most of its members are either third culture people who’ve studied abroad and went back to Singapore, or they are not Singaporeans. However, they are the ones who reach out to the country of Singapore and bring people to know Christ. Through this I am able to see how much God values transculturalism. Even when we were in China, God uses the partnership of different families and across generations to impact society. I think God is showing us that a community with Him at the center is much more powerful than we could ever imagine. Therefore, coming out of missions, I think one of the many things that God has taught me is the importance of investing in discipleship relationships and building up His Church that loves the nations.