Asia Missions 2011

By Helen Kim

I’m blessed and privileged to have seen and heard the many different things during this past summer’s Asia missions trip. For 3 weeks, our church worked closely with Evangelist Eljhon and the neighboring churches in Lampung, Indonesia that is predominantly Muslim. Our ministry included VBS (Vacation Bible School – children’s ministry), youth meetings, house visitations, community service, seminars, and revivals. During our last week, our team traveled to Hong Kong and reunited with some of our University of Michigan students and alumni. It was an awesome time of reconnecting with friends and praying over the beautiful city of Hong Kong.

As we participated in the different ministries throughout our time in Lampung, I can testify to how God powerfully moved in every meeting. From the young to the old, God was in the works of bringing people to recognize who He was as the holy God which led to convictions of sin and repentance. Just like a parent would discipline a child out of love and care, I was able to tangibly see how God desired to guide His children from a life of darkness and bondage to that of light and freedom. At our revival meetings, people were running up to the altar desperately wanting to receive and recommit their lives to Christ. God filled and ministered unto them by the giving of the Holy Spirit.

One of the many praises from our ministry in Lampung testifies to the Holy Spirit’s work in the hearts of people, especially in children. We were able to see Muslim children gradually attending our VBS even though their parents warned them to avoid Christian influences. These children who were adamant in not associating with us due to our Christianity, later joined our VBS as their parents’ hearts toward us opened. Being able to see the children sing and jump along to the worship songs, even hearing traces of these songs on their lips as they walked back home was a blessing from God. We pray that our time with the children will not fade into a distant memory but will become the stepping stones of God’s transformative work in their lives.

Most of our ministry in Hong Kong consisted of praying over different campuses and building relationships with some of the college students there. As we traveled around Hong Kong, I saw how close God’s heart was for the lost and how He brings the nations to a city. Whether it was in HKU or HKSTU, my team and I encountered students from all over the world, especially from China. It was a privilege to meet students of different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives not only on life but also on who God is in their personal lives. One of my most significant moments was at the peak of Hong Kong where we saw the city skyline from 10,000 ft above. As I stood in awe of Hong Kong’s beauty, I saw God’s pursuit over this great city to create an even greater movement to other cities in Asia.

From this missions trip, I witnessed God powerfully moving among His people in Asia. I saw a small snippet of God’s mission through the 2020 Vision through this summer’s experience by the way He utilized our different church sites to come together for ministry. It has been humbling and encouraging to know that our big God used an ordinary college student like me to be part of this great mission. I am personally challenged to not only live a more passionate life for Christ, but in expecting greater things to happen because of the power of Christ.