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Singapore 1-year Anniversary

By Jessica Kosasih

On Sunday morning, October 2nd 2011, we celebrated the very first anniversary of HMCC of Singapore. Time really flies; it’s been one full year since our church began the journey of experiencing God’s grace and guidance in Singapore. It was such a blessing for us to see how God is truly a faithful God – from the very start until we reached this point.

God did so many things to provide for the church. At first, God provided a home for Jackson and Rachel Ye where we meet for service every week. Additionally, there were a few NUS students from China coming out to our church. As we grew together as a small church, we learned how to really depend on God and trust in His plan for everything. When we had to move, God provided even a better place for Jackson and Rachel, where we continued to meet as a church. Then, somehow God opened a way for us to reach out to more NUS students; some students invited more friends and we were able to have sports activities and LIFE Group on campus. Rachel was invited to attend the orientation ceremony for the new students (2011) and met them directly. Eventually, one of the Chinese students accepted Jesus Christ, got baptized, and GOD opened up so many other opportunities along the way.

Looking back on this journey, God has been with us all the way and has enabled us to overcome every obstacle and move forward. He strengthens us and reminds us to focus on His mission and greater purpose for the church. Everything is fully connected to one another. We are standing together here today looking back on over a year of God’s love and faithfulness to our church. We can trust how perfect God’s plan is for His church.

During the 1st anniversary celebration of HMCC of Singapore, there were a lot students in addition to many of the other people from other HMCC churches who joined us to celebrate it together, including Pastor Andrew’s family and Pastor Seth. As we were hosting everyone, we were so blessed to witness all the grace and glory that God has put in our journey as one church. The testimony from Stephen Suryo was very encouraging, especially since he experienced the entire journey and grew with the church from HMCC of Ann Arbor to Singapore. Then Pastor Seth’s sermon was about being ‘NEW’ – as we remember God’s faithfulness and respond to it, we can rejoice because God will faithfully finish what He has started. We believe that there is NO coincidence in God’s plan for every single one of us, as His children; and for His church – because God knows the best for each of us.

As we worshiped God, had fellowship time, and mingled with everyone, it really felt like a family, with one God, one faith; as one church. God is always present with us in every phase of our lives. We believe greater things are coming for the years ahead. We can always put our trust and hope in JESUS CHRIST. It is truly a blessing to serve God through this church.

There is nothing impossible with God, for He holds control over everything.

All the glory be to God alone. AMEN!

HMCC 2020 Vision

It has been about a month since we shared the 2020 Vision with all the HMCC churches. Once again, this is an endeavor that will require a tremendous amount of faith and prayer. Throughout history, whenever great things were accomplished, there were several traits consistently present:

1) Revelation from God. Whenever there is a God-size vision, it has to come from God and His Word. If the vision is centered around human wishes or dreams, then it will not go very far. God has to reveal the vision to His people. Also, the vision has to be consistent with His promises and purposes that are found in His Word.
2) Response from the people. Once the revelation is given, God’s people have a choice whether to respond in obedience and take steps of faith or to cower away and miss out on His blessings. This is why before making any decisions, we need to saturate things in prayer so that we can first, discern if the revelation is from God, but so that secondly, we can have the courage to respond in obedience.

3) Reliance upon God. As we make the resolution to live by faith and trust in God’s promises, we need to continue to rely upon God. Achieving a vision is not an easy task. In fact, it requires us to live life with purpose and perseverance. We will often times find ourselves losing heart and focus in achieving any goal or dream. This is why as we learn how to pray and depend on God, we will find strength to move forward with courage.

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