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The Vision

God's heart for reaching the nations with the message of salvation has remained strong and consistent all throughout history. Just as the early followers of Jesus Christ were commanded to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth, we are seeing that same Great Commission being carried out by the Church today in ripples of transformation throughout the world. It is our passion and desire for the local church to continue to be the visible display and viable demonstration of His love.

This has always been our heart at HMCC: to transform lost people into Christ's disciples who will then transform the world. Over the years, we have seen people's lives be radically changed through the power of the gospel from Ann Arbor to Chicago, Austin, Indonesia and Singapore. We are praying that that as we train up more men and women of God, we will be able to send them to other various nations to participate in that same work of transformation.

In anticipation of the greater things that God has in store, we have been seeking His heart for our future -- a longer term vision that is consistent with what God has already been doing in our church over the years, yet one that will challenge us to go out in faith beyond what is familiar and comfortable. It is a vision that will be expanding, evolving, and extending to reach the nations with the Gospel.

This is HMCC's 2020 Vision.

The Plan
Planting churches
[10 church plants]

Planting Churches on or near college campuses in global cities.

We believe that God's means of reaching the nations is through the expansion of the Church and our strategy is to plant churches on or near college campuses in global cities. We want to love the nations by reaching strategic global cities because the best way to influence the nations is through their cities - the best way to reach the cities is by planting churches in them.

As God opens doors for us, we want to be faithful in training up and empowering our university students, single adults, and married couples to be sent out to plant these churches. We will also be partnering with our alumni who are spread throughout all the different parts of the world.

Leveraging college students and adults
[1,000 students and adults sent out]

Leveraging College Students to be a catalyst for a student movement that will engage the Great Commission through church planting.

We've seen firsthand how God can work powerfully in a person's college experience. For many who grew up going to church, Jesus becomes personal, real, and daily. For so many others who were "outsiders," the Holy Spirit brings about conviction of sin and faith in Christ as their savior. For all, there is a special window during their lives to shape values and vision according to the Kingdom of God - that's what we get excited for and that's what we've seen God graciously and powerfully do over the years!

The vision that we have received from God is to open avenues for these college students in whom the Holy Spirit has been working. We desire to accomplish this through formative exposure to missions - locally and globally. Our prayer is that the Lord of the harvest would raise up workers who will go and make disciples among the nations. Therefore, we want to rally students together towards this vision, send them out on various short-term projects, and train them for long-term service!

Addressing global issues
[100 missional initiatives]

Addressing Key Issues of our time through the Transformasphere Movement.

God makes it clear through Scripture that He does not want His people to be isolated and aloof from the problems of our society. HMCC is committed to serving and influencing our culture as Christ's representatives to the world. We do not dichotomize sacred and secular work, but instead understand that God calls us to live for His glory in all that we do. Out of this conviction to glorify God and bring the transforming power of the Gospel into the world, members of HMCC started a movement called Transformasphere -- meaning to "transform a sphere" of society. The Transformasphere Movement gives us a framework to address the biggest issues of our time through the spheres of society outlined in the acronym CHARGED: commerce, healthcare, arts and media, religious institutions, government, education, and domestic issues. As we engage in these spheres with the restoring, redeeming power of the Gospel, we believe we will see our world transformed.

Networking churches
[1 Harvest Mission International Institute]

Networking all the HMCC churches and partnering with other ministries

Over the past several years, we have seen God expand our ministry from Ann Arbor to Chicago to Austin, and now to Jakarta & Singapore. From one church, we've become many. Yet we share the same heart as we live out God's mission together. Over the next ten years as God leads us to plant more churches all around the world, we hope to strengthen our partnership in the gospel by networking all the HMCC churches.

Specifically, we want to partner together to train and disciple members of HMCC to carry out God's vision for our church. One of our goals is to create a Harvest Mission International Institute designed to provide education and equipping in church ministry. As God leads us to plant more churches, we believe the HMI Institute will help train future church plant teams. This is one of the ways that we can pool our resources together for God's greater purposes.

We also hope to network with other churches and ministries. There's much we can learn from others who are faithfully pioneering ministries all over the world. We also desire to be a blessing and resource to other churches as God continues to work in HMCC.

None of our churches can carry out the 2020 Vision alone. But as we partner together, we believe we can see God's vision become a reality.